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Frostbite is a medical condition that usually occurs after prolonged exposure to ice, snow or cold temperatures. With cold still in the air, this is something everyone in Midtown Anchorage should be aware of. While you might think that you can easily recognize the symptoms of frostbite, those symptoms are harder to see during the early stages. Once you identify the symptoms in yourself or a loved one, you can make a trip to an urgent care facility.

frostbite symptoms

Early Signs and Symptoms

The first symptom you might experience is a feeling of numbness. This feeling will occur in the specific areas where the frostbite sets in, but you’ll likely feel some numbness radiating out from that body part. The numbness is usually marked by white patches that you see on the skin. These patches can range in size from as small as a dime to completely covering a large portion of your body. In addition to appearing white in color, the patches may take on a pale gray or blue color.

Later Symptoms

Constant exposure to the cold can cause a severe case of frostbite. This can even occur if you simply spend a few hours outside in temperatures below freezing without wearing the proper gear. Your skin can develop patches that change in color from light blue or gray to dark black. There is also a chance that the skin may develop blisters. If you do not seek treatment, you may develop an itchy feeling in and around the affected body part. Frostbite can also cause severe or intense pain in the joints.

Treating Frostbite

The first step in treating frostbite is simple warming up the skin and slowly increasing your body temperature. While you can treat the condition at home, there are times when you should visit an urgent care clinic in Midtown Anchorage. If blisters develop and later break open and bleed or release puss, you should see a doctor. You’ll also want to visit a walk-in clinic if you develop a fever or notice new symptoms appearing in the hours and days after getting out of the cold. Frostbite can easily worsen and cause a patient to develop hypothermia. Seeing a doctor ensures that you get the proper treatment and that you recover from your frostbite safely and comfortably.
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If you’re in need of urgent care in Midtown Anchorage, there’s no time to wait and dillydally. Although injuries and medical conditions that require urgent care typically aren’t as severe as those that call for emergency room assistance, they’re still very pressing.

If you’re searching for a Midtown Anchorage urgent care center, you should find a reputable facility that allows walk in assistance. When you have to manage a serious medical problem, there’s no time to spare to make an appointment. Urgent care centers tend to be open for patients daily. They also tend to be open until relatively late in the evening. Read the rest of this entry »