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There is no denying that year-end holidays are the most wonderful times of the year. Trees are festooned, homes decorated, and lights shine brightly up and down the streets. There is also no denying that a lot of work and effort goes into creating this wonderland.

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Whether you’re a professional lawn maintenance person or just a homeowner who would like to be on top of all things related to home improvement in your backyard, there’s no escaping the chore of raking leaves come autumn. It may seem like such a simple task that needs no preparation. After all, you’ll only need your trusty rake, a lot of patience, and a strong back.
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Seeing the wildlife up-close can be quite an amazing experience. Imagine getting to observe the deer, musk ox, moose and caribou in their natural habitats. At the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, you can have a lot of close encounters with these amazing creatures as you take a driving or walking tour around the area.
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From annoying to downright deadly, mosquitoes are more than just an everyday nuisance. The risk of being bitten ultimately doubles for those who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. As summer is fast approaching, the people planning to spend their vacation camping on Eklutna Lake Campground will make the surrounding midtown Anchorage urgent care facilities work even harder in order to meet the potential demands of urgent care for mosquito bites.
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The annual Gridwood Forest Fair event is right around the corner. Held every July at the Girdwood fairgrounds since 1975, the Forest Fair is a weekend of arts, crafts, food and fun. For everyone to enjoy themselves and be safe at the same time, it’s important to remember the importance of hydration. Walking around under the sun can deplete the body’s water levels, so make sure you stay hydrated to maximize your enjoyment at the event, while minimizing the risks of dehydration.
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Improving the lives of women and girls through athletics is the main goal of this year’s Gold Nugget Triathlon. Happening this summer at the Bartlett High School, the Gold Nugget Triathlon is more than just a one-day event, it is also a way for everyone to kick-start a new training and fitness regime.

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When it comes to mental health issues, society remains to be largely discreet and sensitive about it. As much as movements have gained traction in encouraging families to talk about it in the open to further education and awareness, there still remains a huge amount of stigma attached to it. It is because of this that individuals become even more secretive about their condition, thereby missing out on the chance for them to get the treatment they need, and the support that they deserve from their family and friends.

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Frostbite is a medical condition that usually occurs after prolonged exposure to ice, snow or cold temperatures. With cold still in the air, this is something everyone in Midtown Anchorage should be aware of. While you might think that you can easily recognize the symptoms of frostbite, those symptoms are harder to see during the early stages. Once you identify the symptoms in yourself or a loved one, you can make a trip to an urgent care facility.

frostbite symptoms

Early Signs and Symptoms

The first symptom you might experience is a feeling of numbness. This feeling will occur in the specific areas where the frostbite sets in, but you’ll likely feel some numbness radiating out from that body part. The numbness is usually marked by white patches that you see on the skin. These patches can range in size from as small as a dime to completely covering a large portion of your body. In addition to appearing white in color, the patches may take on a pale gray or blue color.

Later Symptoms

Constant exposure to the cold can cause a severe case of frostbite. This can even occur if you simply spend a few hours outside in temperatures below freezing without wearing the proper gear. Your skin can develop patches that change in color from light blue or gray to dark black. There is also a chance that the skin may develop blisters. If you do not seek treatment, you may develop an itchy feeling in and around the affected body part. Frostbite can also cause severe or intense pain in the joints.

Treating Frostbite

The first step in treating frostbite is simple warming up the skin and slowly increasing your body temperature. While you can treat the condition at home, there are times when you should visit an urgent care clinic in Midtown Anchorage. If blisters develop and later break open and bleed or release puss, you should see a doctor. You’ll also want to visit a walk-in clinic if you develop a fever or notice new symptoms appearing in the hours and days after getting out of the cold. Frostbite can easily worsen and cause a patient to develop hypothermia. Seeing a doctor ensures that you get the proper treatment and that you recover from your frostbite safely and comfortably.
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If you’re in need of urgent care in Midtown Anchorage, there’s no time to wait and dillydally. Although injuries and medical conditions that require urgent care typically aren’t as severe as those that call for emergency room assistance, they’re still very pressing.

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Cuba is one of the most respected names in the world when it comes to government healthcare. Despite its economic hardships, it still manages to maintain its outstanding healthcare. Life expectancy in Cuba is 77.5 years and the country has the highest doctor to patient ratio at 1:170, which is more than twice the per-capita U.S. average.
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