There is no denying that year-end holidays are the most wonderful times of the year. Trees are festooned, homes decorated, and lights shine brightly up and down the streets. There is also no denying that a lot of work and effort goes into creating this wonderland.

Though it is easy to immerse yourself in the fun of decorating for the holidays, it is important to be safe to avoid a trip to the doctor. Your local Midtown Anchorage urgent care professionals provide some tips in this regard.

Christmas Decor

Position Your Tree Well

Cases of trees suddenly falling inside the house abound. Besides damaging belongings, they can cause injury should anyone be standing or kneeling beneath the tree when it falls.

Before decorating your tree, make sure it is located away from foot traffic. Corners are the best location. Also, avoid over-decorating your tree. Apart from aesthetic considerations, the weight may cause the tree to tip, especially small trees.

Work Carefully with Electricals

Whether it’s a display to be positioned on your front yard or a strand of Christmas lights to be hung around the home’s exterior, it’s important to check the quality of the wires. If you find any punctures or breaks in the cord, seal them with electrical tape.

Also, keep wires and cords off the walkways; they pose a tripping hazard, possibly resulting in ankle sprains or a broken bone. All of these scenarios bode a painful experience. As they say, better safe than sorry.

Observe Safety from Up High

If you’re positioning Christmas displays or decorations on the roof or around the roof’s perimeter, make sure your ladder meets your height and weight requirements. Ideally, your ladder should rise an excess of at least three feet from the edge of the roof. You then have something to stabilize yourself as you begin to step onto the roof or off of it. Stretching your leg to the first rung while descending or to the edge of the roof while ascending is dangerous.

Also, check each individual ladder rung for loose screws or jiggling in general. A rung’s failure to support your step from high can cause severe injury.

Although urgent care in Midtown Anchorage, such as that provided by Primary Care Associates, is more than capable of treating these types of injuries. However, it’s best to avoid such a trip by heeding these simple safety tips. 

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