Whether you’re a professional lawn maintenance person or just a homeowner who would like to be on top of all things related to home improvement in your backyard, there’s no escaping the chore of raking leaves come autumn. It may seem like such a simple task that needs no preparation. After all, you’ll only need your trusty rake, a lot of patience, and a strong back.


Of all those things listed above, it’s the strong back that you should be most concerned about. Inasmuch as raking is such a simple chore, it’s the repetition of the movements and the amount of work that needs to be done that makes your back more susceptible to pain and injury.

A Midtown Anchorage urgent care center offers some helpful tips to avoid or address the issue of back pain brought about by chores like raking leaves.

Observe Proper Posture

The ideal posture is for your back to be straight, with the back of your neck aligned to the top of your spine all the way down to the tailbone. There will be movement, of course, but what’s important is that you are able to retain your spine’s proper alignment.

Do not twist your spine. If you must pick up or rake the area behind or beside you, the proper method would be to turn your full body towards it. This way, you are not putting a strain on your lower back muscles.

Wear Proper Footwear

Even though you’re just raking leaves in your front yard, you still should wear the proper attire. Ideally, you should do your chore when the yard is dry, but sometimes wet grass simply cannot be helped, especially if you only have time to do the chore in the morning.

Wearing the proper footwear that has sufficient traction is important to avoid slips and falls. As you may know, most people when they fall will land on their back, causing injury.

Seek Medical Help

In case you do fall, or if you feel like you pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve, and it does not subside even when you tend to it with the usual pain relief methods (massage, hot/cold compress, etc.), then seek medical attention. Go to an urgent care center in Midtown Anchorage such as Primary Care Associates. They can help you determine what is the immediate cause of your pain offer you a viable treatment.

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