Seeing the wildlife up-close can be quite an amazing experience. Imagine getting to observe the deer, musk ox, moose and caribou in their natural habitats. At the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, you can have a lot of close encounters with these amazing creatures as you take a driving or walking tour around the area.


If you suffer from an asthma attack every once in a while though, you should keep in mind that you face an entirely different set of asthma issues the moment you enter the great outdoors.

For anyone that has asthma, there are a host of issues you may end up dealing with while you are trying to have a good time outdoors. And, while your inhaler can keep your asthma attacks from getting worse, there are times when you may need to call assistance from Midtown Anchorage urgent care facilities.

Here are the reasons why an asthma attack can be triggered when you are outdoors.


Anyplace you go outside where it is damp, there likely will be mold spores. In the outdoors, these mold spores can form on stagnant water and piles of vegetation. They can also be attached to garbage containers in parks that are yet to be emptied. If you have a history of asthma attacks, it is best to keep away from these mold spores as they tend to trigger attacks.

Air Pollutants

It’s not your fault if you think that air you breathe in the great outdoors is clean and good for you. Unfortunately, this is not true. Pollution is likely present and can sometimes be hard to detect with the naked eye.

Much of the pollution you breathe in is caused by nearby passenger vehicles or even a power plant within close proximity of the park. Without warning, air pollution can trigger an asthma attack while you’re trying to interact with wildlife outdoors.

Cold Air and Erratic Weather

If you’ve got asthma, cold air can trigger an asthma attack without warning. The same thing can happen when the weather suddenly changes (say, from sunny to rainy). Because of this, you might start coughing and be unable to breathe.

When you start experiencing symptoms of an asthma attack while you’re out exploring the outdoors, it’s best to seek assistance from an urgent care provider in Midtown Anchorage so that your asthma attack doesn’t get worse.

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