From annoying to downright deadly, mosquitoes are more than just an everyday nuisance. The risk of being bitten ultimately doubles for those who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. As summer is fast approaching, the people planning to spend their vacation camping on Eklutna Lake Campground will make the surrounding midtown Anchorage urgent care facilities work even harder in order to meet the potential demands of urgent care for mosquito bites.

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What makes you a perfect target for mosquito bites?

Mosquitoes generally breed and reside near human habitat to be near their food source. Yet contrary to popular belief, there is a specific group of people who are more prone to mosquito bites than others.

According to studies, mosquitoes choose their victims via scent, a unique combination of exhaled carbon dioxide and sweat, which makes them more appealing and appetizing to the mosquito. Furthermore, mosquitoes tend to target male humans, those that have a type-O blood type, and those who are overweight. Studies conducted also suggest that mosquitoes prefer a tropical climate, which can explain why there are more mosquitoes in some areas versus others.

How can you protect yourself against mosquito bites?

Wearing long-sleeved, light colored clothing can help keep mosquitoes away from you. Burning citronella candles at the campsite is also a good method to rid the area of mosquitoes. Finally, it is recommended to camp far from any stagnant pool of water where mosquitos often breed.

If bitten, what should you do?

It entirely depends on your body’s reaction after being bitten. If you only get a small itchy bump from the mosquito bite, you simply need to wash the affected area with soap and wait for the welt to subside. Calamine lotion can also help reduce the itchiness.

However, if you are one of the unlucky ones who have either a severe allergic reaction to the bite, or have reason to believe that the mosquito may be a carrier of a disease, then it is the right time to ask for assistance from an Anchorage urgent care facility.

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