Improving the lives of women and girls through athletics is the main goal of this year’s Gold Nugget Triathlon. Happening this summer at the Bartlett High School, the Gold Nugget Triathlon is more than just a one-day event, it is also a way for everyone to kick-start a new training and fitness regime.

Undoubtedly, everyone is preparing for this highly-anticipated event. In fact, many are training for this triathlon year-round. Another great thing about the Gold Nugget Triathlon is that it’s a great avenue for new people to get involved in a triathlon.

Whether it’s your first triathlon or not, preparing your body for a series of events is definitely a must. Fortunately, with these helpful tips from a Midtown Anchorage urgent care clinic, you can be in shape for the Gold Nugget Triathlon in no time.


Give Yourself Time

Ideally, you should give yourself about 12 weeks before the actual triathlon to get yourself in shape and minimize your risk of acquiring injuries. In these 12 weeks, you can condition your tendons and ligaments, while also putting your endurance to the test, and make yourself ready for the race.

These 12 weeks may seem like a handful, but you can try training five times a week for at least two and a half to four hours. Preparing for a triathlon can be as short as 30 to 45 minutes a day, which should be devoted to building your endurance. Keep in mind that you should integrate biking and swimming into your workout.

Be One with your Bike

You may have the most expensive bike, but you might not have the right bike. In fact, riding the wrong bike can cause lower back pain in the long run. This is why you’ll need a bike that fits you like a glove. For starters, consult a certified bike-fitting specialist to adjust the position of your bike’s handlebar, seat, and pedals.

Never Swim like a Runner

Most people training for a triathlon make the mistake of swimming like runners – that is, focusing on their fitness rather than their form. To avoid this mistake, make sure to get training from a qualified swim coach. During the times that you’re training on your own, make sure to devote your time to developing your techniques while on water.

Keeping these things in mind can help you perform your best in this year’s Gold Nugget Triathlon. More importantly, remember that there are providers of urgent care in Midtown Anchorage, like Primary Care Associates, ready to give you immediate medical attention for your injuries.

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